one of the five essential ingredients of rasa. The actions which display or reveal the spiritual emotions situated within the heart are called anubhāvas.
They are thirteen in number: 1) nṛtya, dancing 2) vilunṭhita, rolling on the ground 3) gīta, singing 4) krośana, loud crying 5) tanu-moṭana, writhing of the body 6) huṅkara, roaring 7) jṛmbhaṇa, yawning 8) śvāsa-bhūmā, breathing heavily 9) lokānupekṣitā, neglecting others 10) lālāsrāva, drooling 11) aṭṭahāsa, loud laughter 12) ghūrṇā, staggering about 13) hikkā, hiccups

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